Gender Mainstreaming – Completed projects

Mainstream gender perspective in designing, planning and assessing interventions both at grassroots and legislative levels. RDFG’s gender-specific actions equally enable women and men, and boys and girls to participate in – and benefit from – development efforts.


Ongoing projects Completed projects
V4 Rural Development Experience for Sustainable Growth

Donor: Visegrad Fund
Start/End date: 20 September, 2019 – 20 April, 2020
Location: Tetritskaro Municipality

The goal of the project is to lift the conditions of the people of Tetritskaro using examples of V4 countries’ experiences of utilizing nature conservation to increase economic benefits from sustainable agriculture and tourism. It improves the development framework by supporting the Tetritskaro Local Action Group to write an Action Plan on Utilizing the Confluence of Economy and Environment in Tetritskaro Municipality.

To support sustainable economic growth, local people need to see examples of success stories and will benefit from guidance and inspiration from local experts. V4 countries, having also experienced a historic period of communist rule, can share relevant experience on how to preserve and harness natural resources to improve local economies, through tourism and agriculture. Tetritskaro and its citizens will greatly benefit from these insights. Visegrad citizens will also benefit from the project activities, information on which will be shared by project partners, as organizations and individuals connect with innovators, entrepreneurs, and passionate young activists from Georgia.

This project is tied to and complements the existing project – Rural Development for Sustainable Growth in the Tetritskaro Municipality, funded by the European Union within the ENPARD programme.

Project partners: Fórum Ochrany Přírody / Nature Conservation Forum, Cz&K Consulting Ltd., Nadácia Ekopolis / Ekopolis Foundation

Contact person
Samantha Guthrie

For more about Visegrad Fund, please, follow: (or

Innovation and Us

Donor: European Union, Save the Children, Children and Youth Development Fund
Start/End date: 3 January, 2019 – 31 October, 2019
Location: Shida Kartli

The project aims to support internally displaced young people to develop entrepreneurial and employability skills through innovative approaches and non-formal education. The project aims to train young people in three the most in demand directions in labor market: Web-design, marketing and English language and help them develop necessary employability skills. In the framework of the project young participants will establish a social enterprise that will serve as an e-commerce platform where other social enterprises will sell their products.

Contact person
Tatia Bzhalava – Project Manager

Advancing IDP Women and Youth in Shida Kartli
Donor: German Embassy in Tbilisi
Start/End date: 1 July, 2014 – 31 December, 2014
Location: Shida Kartli
The Project aims to empower IDP women and youth and diversify opportunities for employment, self-reliance, livelihoods and skills development through improved access to vocational training, creation of income-generating activities and enhancing entrepreneurial skills.
Contact person
Nelly Revazishvili – RDFG Rural Development Project Manager

Community Technology Access (Year 2, Phase II)
Donor: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Start/End date: 1 June, 2011 – 31 December, 2011
Location: Shida Kartli
The project goal was to provide computer literacy trainings and to diversify opportunities for employment, self-reliance, livelihoods and education of the population of concern through improved access to distance learning, vocational training, initiation of income-generating activities and enhancing entrepreneurial skills. The project activities included: provision of basic computer literacy training for targeted beneficiaries in nine CTA Centers; provision of distance learning and vocational training opportunities; promotion of entrepreneurship and enhance job opportunities; administration and maintenance of web portal.