Sewing Salon in Gori

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It’s been four months since sewing salon “Leader” opened in Gori. When you enter the salon, everybody greets you with
a warm smile and you feel that they’re happy to work there. Shorena Basishvili is one of the employees who found her second home in the sewing salon for the last four months. Shorena became an IDP after the war between Georgia and Russia in 2008; she lives in the Karaleti IDP settlement with her family. To do what she loves and to have her own income, she travels from Karaleti to Gori every day. Shorena was one of the beneficiaries of the project, that financed opening of this sewing salon.

LIFE Georgia Project improved the livelihoods of IDPs and the local community in Samegrelo and Shida Kartli.  Association Rural Development for Future Georgia (RDFG), one of the organizations that implemented LIFE Georgia, financed small and medium scaled business ideas. Nino Giorgadze, owner of the sewing salon “Leader” decided to participate in the project as soon as she heard about it in one of the informational meetings. As Nino says, there were no sewing salons in Gori and already- sewn clothes were expensive. That’s why she decided to start this business. After she participated in the program trainings and wrote a business plan, she was granted with the half amount of money to open her salon. Nino also mentioned that knowledge and experience gained from RDFG trainings helped her the succeed in other projects as well.

Six women, who were trained locally for free, work in Nino’s sewing salon. Nino says that part of her business is social responsibility to hire employees from socially vulnerable groups – like mothers, people who live in the border villages and people with disabilities. “We always welcome people with disabilities.  If there is someone who wants to start work in our sewing salon, we’ll hire and train him/her locally for free. Our building and washroom is absolutely adapted according the standards. We have also fitted a sewing machine to meet one employee’s needs,” said Nino.

In the same building, there are sewing courses were people can learn sewing techniques and get certificate for future needs.

More and more people visit “Leader” every day. Nino thinks that her business is developing successfully and RDFG had a huge contribution about that. “To start a business, besides the idea you need big investment.  I couldn’t believe that someone would help me selflessly to start my business and change my life for better, but this happened.  I wouldn’t be able to start this business without LIFE Georgia project. It is because of RDFG that the exists in Gori and people are employed there.”