Preserving Georgian Folk Tradition Inherited from Ancestors, a Young Entrepreneur Produces Traditional Musical Instruments

The history of our country’s folklore dates back in centuries – Georgians inherited a rich collection of folk music from ancestors. A young entrepreneur, Giorgi Niparishvili from the Kaspi Municipality has been interested in Georgian craftsmanship of folk instruments since childhood. As such, he always wanted to establish his own small enterprise to produce goods and thus, provide the Georgian and international folk ensembles with his unique instruments:

“First, I came up with an idea to get involved in craftmanship after once I ordered Fanduri (Georgian musical instrument) and just asked the craftsman what time it would take. He smiled and replied: Young boy, this is not a game, it takes time. That was a turning point for me when I thought I should try to make folk instruments myself. Since then, I have been producing instrument models, as well as developing my own sound technology for seven years now”.

Giorgi proceeded to participate in the RDFG’s Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Program, fascinated the jury with his ambition, experience and talent of craftsmanship and received funding of Gel 10 000. With this money, a young entrepreneur will be provided with a modern Computer Numerical Control (CNC) wood router, a highly efficient modern technology allowing to curve the wood with detailing. This success enables him to expand the production and the variety of musical instruments. It is worth mentioning, that Giorgi produces instruments for such prominent dance ensembles, as Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet, Erisioni, etc.

Giorgi Niparishvili is one of ten young people, who were eventually selected and awarded grants within the two phases of the program held in Summer and Fall of 2019. The Program winners developed the projects from agriculture and creative industries, such as production of rye and buckwheat bread and biscuits in Gori; production of succulent plants in Zugdidi; support to production of traditional Georgian folk instruments in Kaspi; production of piquant jams in Aspinda; support to small sewing shop in Adigeni; production of iron engraved crafts in Kaspi; support to nail salon in Bolnisi; production of apple vinegar in Gori; electrical service in Kaspi; and support to the online platform Ra Vachuko in Zugdidi.

The Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Program is implemented in the framework of the USAID Zrda Activity by the Association Rural Development for Future Georgia (RDFG), and supported by Enterprise Georgia, Creative Georgia, Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency, National Tourism Administration, Agricultural Projects’ Management Agency, Financial Inclusion Organization Crystal, National Bank of Georgia, and TBC Bank.

Nina Kopaleishvili – Communications Officer, RDFG;