Personal and professional success story

Association Rural Development for Future Georgia implements Employment Shuttle program for three years. As a result of 4 successful phases, more than 50 participants started new jobs, but besides employment, the participants unanimously mention that this program changed their life for better. Besides career planning and professional skills developing, Employment Shuttle helps its participants in personal growth.

Ana (Real name is not mentioned) is one of the special participants of Employment Shuttle. Program helped her to find herself. After graduating Medicine college, she planned to continue studies but her future husband kidnapped her and Ana’s fate has taken a different turn. During her marriage, which lasted for 11 years, Ana was a victim of domestic violence. After she made a decision to divorce and returned to her parent’s house, her ex-husband wounded her face. Post traumatic depression lasted more than half an year. She was at home all the time. The only place where Ana was going was a hospital. She was reading and writing verses all the time but avoided showing up in society.

The first steps she took was applying for office management course in one of the colleges. That’s where she heard about RDFG Employment Shuttle and became a participant of this program. She was one of the most special participants who motivated everyone. Ana got employed very soon after the project started. She started as a consultant in one of the supermarkets and in a month was promoted as administrator.

“Besides employment I gained so many things. I can say that Employment Shuttle program and its participants helped me to recover and get back to normal life. Lela Maisuradze, the project mentor helped me to see how many things I could do if I tried. She helped me to overcome fears and find myself again. Soon I realized that I didn’t have a right to be inactive when there were so many opportunities around. Since then, I try to be active and move forward all the time”. – Said Ana.

Ana graduated college and Employment Shuttle program successfully. Despite she got employed soon after employment program started, she attended all the sessions and tried to get more and more useful information and experience. She kept in touch with the program in next phases as well, prepared presentations for participants to prove that impossible is nothing.

“According to my experience, everyone must make decisions by their own. Nobody has a right of violence, neither moral, nor physical and women have to raise their voice against that. It was very hard, but I raised myself and changed my life” – Said Ana.

Friendship between RDFG and Ana still continues. Ana is a volunteer in our new project, that aims to teach adaptive computer programs to blind people.

Now Ana works in the supermarket, but she plans to move forward and cares about career development. She dreams to open pastry shop at the sea town, with small tables and pink decorations, with the view to the sea… RDFG team wishes Ana to make her dreams come true, so that we could visit her beautiful pastry shop soon.