Iron workshop in Akhalsopeli

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It’s been years since Kakha Gelashvili spent most of his time in his own iron workshop. His father taught him working on the iron when he was a little boy and since then this is what he does. He is an architect, but decided to earn money by creating iron products. He lived in Tbilisi for a couple of years and had his workshop there, but it was difficult for him to get used to the city as he was born and raised in the village.  So he moved with his iron workshop to his native land. Nowadays he lives with his wife, mother and two young sons in Akhalsopeli, Qareli municipality. Kakha has a huge catalogue of his creations, but mostly he works on fences, doors and gates.

Since, Kakha heard about the project when the LIFE Georgia informational campaign started. LIFE Georgia Project aimed to improve the livelihoods of IDPs and the local community in Samegrelo and Shida Kartli. Kakha decided to take the chance and involved.  He attended trainings, wrote a business plan and succeeded in the end. He was granted with the instruments for his iron workshop. With the help of a welder machine, big iron saw and other small instruments, Kakha creates better work in less time.

“The RDFG grant made my job easier and increased my income.  Now I can work faster and have better quality than before. I often had to borrow instruments in the past but now I have everything to offer complete service,” said Kakha and mentioned that without this project, he would never be able to buy instruments like that.

To find the iron workshop in Akhalsofeli, you just need to ask anyone for Kakha and they will show you the way. Because of happy clients and useful contacts, Kakha has lots of orders, but he still plans to name his workshop and make advertisements in the future.  He plans to make a banner at the entrance where he’ll place the RDFG logo and mention the contribution of the organization in the success of his business. He also plans fund raising to buy new machines and instruments to broaden his workshop. Kakha hopes that his sons will continue his business in the future and plans to teach them everything, just like his father taught him.