Giorgi Khuroshvili, Living Near the Occupational Border Line, Produces Unique Biscuits and Bread

Giorgi Khuroshvili is a young entrepreneur from the village of Khurvaleti, located in the Gori Municipality, about 150-200 meters away from the territory occupied by Russia. He came up with an idea to produce biscuits and bread from the endemic wheat, buckwheat, and rye a long time ago. Unfortunately, he did not have enough financial resources to implement his idea until he heard about the entrepreneurial program, targeting the territories near the occupational borderlines, as well.

Giorgi successfully proceeded to participate in the RDFG’s Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Program, later was selected as one of the winners and received a grant amount of 6 000 Gel. With this money, a modern baking oven and a dough-mixing machine, as well as appropriate working table and shelves – all needed for his small enterprise – will be procured. As such, Giorgi will be able to start running his own small production – at first, he will sell the products on the local market, later – he will provide the capital city stores with his unique pastries:

“Generally, such kinds of goods (pastries made with buckwheat and rye) are in short supply and in most of the cases, falsified. From my point of view, the market needs fresh and natural products. I believe that with this startup I can maximize the profit and reinvest the money in the business again, as the ingredients I am using in my products are also produced by me. What is most important, they are ecologically clean and healthy”.

According to Giorgi, there is a quite bad demographic situation in the Khurvaleti village as most of the young people move either to big cities or foreign countries due to the unemployment rate in the municipality. He believes that his small enterprise will contribute to solve this problem and help to increase local production.

Giorgi Khuroshvili is one of ten young people, who were eventually selected and awarded grants within the two phases of the program held in Summer and Fall of 2019. The Program winners developed the projects from agriculture and creative industries, such as production of rye and buckwheat bread and biscuits in Gori; production of succulent plants in Zugdidi; support to production of traditional Georgian folk instruments in Kaspi; production of piquant jams in Aspinda; support to small sewing shop in Adigeni; production of iron engraved crafts in Kaspi; support to nail salon in Bolnisi; production of apple vinegar in Gori; electrical service in Kaspi; and support to the online platform Ra Vachuko in Zugdidi.

The Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Program is implemented in the framework of the USAID Zrda Activity by the Association Rural Development for Future Georgia (RDFG), and supported by Enterprise Georgia, Creative Georgia, Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency, National Tourism Administration, Agricultural Projects’ Management Agency, Financial Inclusion Organization Crystal, National Bank of Georgia, and TBC Bank.

Nina Kopaleishvili – Communications Officer, RDFG;