“BDC Academy” in Gori

Be a Different Candidate – this is the slogan of the successful training center, that has offered professional development and vocational educational trainings for more than 10 years, such as foreign languages, accounting, pharmacy, communications and  marketing to name a few. With the support of the LIFE Georgia project and grant of RDFG, new branch of “BDC academy” has just opened in Gori. And here is how everything started….

The founder of „BDC Academy” Natia Shatirishvili wanted to open Gori branch for a  long time, but couldn’t because of the lack of financial resources. Fortunately, Natia heard about the LIFE Georgia project and decided to take advantage of the opportunity and participate. After attending RDFG trainings and presenting her business plan, her project was selected as one of the best.

“I feel very lucky to have an opportunity to work with RDFG. After active and productive cooperation, we opened Gori branch of “BDC Academy”. The knowledge and experience that I gained through the trainings helped me to prepare successful business plan and succeed” – says Natia.

As a result of financing BDC branch in Gori, about 30 people found the employment and secured the income sources for their families. It’s worth mentioning, that  all of them were trained by the academy itself. Eight staff members are the beneficiaries of RDFG employment program “Employment Shuttle”. Besides, there are IDPs and a person with disability among the staff. Academy has contracts with different universities, public and private companies, that means internship and employment possibility after finishing trainings in BDC.

The academy is open for everyone. There are courses for pupils and for adults as well. The prices are convenient for the local community. During a recent visit to the “BDC Academy” Natia remarked, that no one should be denied an education because of inability to pay, so BDC trainings are available for almost everyone. Besides, there are discounts for military families, IDPs and socially vulnerable people.

“I decided to open “BDC Academy” branch in Gori after the war between Russia and Georgia, but I couldn’t get the funds for that. LIFE Georgia project helped me to achieve this goal and create the perspective of development, employment and better future for Shida Kartli community. This is with the help of RDFG and I’m very thankful”- said Natia Shatirisvhili.

Natia plans to add more trainings and courses in the future and open new branches. For now, except Gori, you can find “BDC academy” in Tbilisi, Marneuli and Chokhatauri.