A Young Woman Entrepreneur Living in the Adigeni Municipality is the Only One in the Community Providing Sewing Services

“I started sewing at the age of 16. My mother brought an old sewing machine – she wanted to alter some clothes, but she could not, and she asked me to do that. That’s how the relationship with cutting-and-sewing began – back then, I really wanted to learn sewing, thus, I watched videos on YouTube, improved my technique and learned this profession step by step. Now I am the only one in the community who provides sewing services”, – Nazi Antadze, a 20-year-old woman tells us how she became the winner of the RDFG’s Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Program and what are the plans of her small enterprise.

Nazi is from the village of Gomaro, Adigeni Municipality. She is just 20 years old, however, she already aims at expanding own tailor’s workshop and employ locals. She considers herself as a very lucky woman because winning a grant competition helped her not only in achieving her dreams but introduced her to lots of opportunities:

“I always heard that there was a need to alter clothes or sew new ones in the community. Locals used to say that getting a tailor’s service was very difficult, not only for the members of my community but also for the surrounding villages and the municipality as a whole. There were not sewing enterprises there. Unfortunately, I had an old sewing machine that did not allow me to provide high-quality goods and I could not fully meet the needs of the community. That is why I had decided to participate in the entrepreneurship program and eventually became the winner”.

With the grant of Gel 3 000 obtained within the program, Nazi’s small enterprise was provided with the following: a sewing machine with a table, an ironing board, an iron, a clothes hanger, and scissors. As Nazi says, the villagers like the clothes sewn or remodeled with a new sewing machine, the number of customers and the awareness of her tailor’s workshop has also increased. According to the young entrepreneur, the mentioned grant allowed her to fully meet the demands of adults and young people living in the community.

Nazi’s dream is to create a large sewing factory where she can employ locals and sew high-quality clothes. Soon, a young woman entrepreneur wants to buy embroidery machine as the demand for embroidered clothes, especially T-shirts and bags, is very high:

“This grant has completely changed my life – everyone already knows me as a “tailor Nazi” and it’s very pleasant. All this gave me a lot of experience because the new machine gave me the opportunity to deepen my existing knowledge and improve my sewing technique. Notably, the number of orders has increased and that allowed me to employ a 19-year-old girl living in my neighborhood”.

The Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Program is implemented in the framework of the USAID Zrda Activity by the Association Rural Development for Future Georgia (RDFG), and supported by Enterprise Georgia, Creative Georgia, Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency, National Tourism Administration, Agricultural Projects’ Management Agency, Financial Inclusion Organization Crystal, National Bank of Georgia, and TBC Bank.

Nina Kopaleishvili – Communications Officer, RDFG; nkopaleishvili@rdfg.ge