20-Year-Old Tazo Mtsuravishvili is Expanding the Workshop of Iron Engraved Goods

Tazo Mtsuravishvili, 20, is from the Kaspi Municipality. A young entrepreneur currently is a student, studying at the faculty of Transport Mechanical Engineering at the Georgian Technical University. Tazo’s professional choice was conditioned by the passion of childhood and the activities he has been involved for years – Tazo has been making iron engraved goods for 7 years now.

Tazo is one of the winners of the Association Rural Development for Future Georgia’s (RDFG) Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Program – with a grant of Gel 10 000 the young entrepreneur was allowed to add 9 new iron work machines to the existing enterprise and thus expand the production:

“I used to watch my father working on iron when I was a child and always wondered how I could create a desired shape and design from this metal. When I grew up, I decided to study the craftsmanship of iron engrave – first I learned the technology and then I started creating the templates of different shapes and designs. I have had my own workshop for 3 years now – my products are sold both in the local market and in the capital city”.

As Tazo tells us, currently he does not provide local stores with ready products, he only works on private orders. Most of his customers live in Tbilisi, including various tourist shops, truck drivers and other private individuals.

Tazo’s future plan is to build a large workshop where a modern Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine will be installed – this will allow producing high-quality products in less time, thus increase the range of goods:

“This workshop will allow me to employ locals and thus promote the development of the local market. I also plan to hold master classes in the future to interest the new generation in this field.”

The Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Program is implemented in the framework of the USAID Zrda Activity by the Association Rural Development for Future Georgia (RDFG), and supported by Enterprise Georgia, Creative Georgia, Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency, National Tourism Administration, Agricultural Projects’ Management Agency, Financial Inclusion Organization Crystal, National Bank of Georgia, and TBC Bank.

Nina Kopaleishvili – Communications Officer, RDFG; nkopaleishvili@rdfg.ge