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Tetritskaro municipality is located in the Kvemo Kartli region, in eastern Georgia. The place is distinguished by beautiful nature and a multitude of centuries-old cultural monuments

Adventure Rope Park in the town of Manglisi – an Attraction Distinguished with its Diversity and Location Near the Capital City

Algeti National Park, located in the small town of Manglisi known as a medical and recreational resort, is scattered 60 km away from Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia.

A Young Woman Entrepreneur Living in the Adigeni Municipality is the Only One in the Community Providing Sewing Services

Nazi Antadze, a 20-year-old woman tells us how she became the winner of the RDFG’s Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Program and what are the plans of her small enterprise.

20-Year-Old Tazo Mtsuravishvili is Expanding the Workshop of Iron Engraved Goods

Tazo Mtsuravishvili, 20, is from the Kaspi Municipality. A young entrepreneur currently is a student, studying at the faculty of Transport Mechanical Engineering at the Georgian Technical University.

RDFG and Tetritskaro LAG Handed Over Personal Computers to the School Students Relying on Modern Technology During COVID-19

The spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has noticeably changed our lives, we have faced new challenges and the virus made us learn the actions that had not been the part of our everyday lives before.

A Woman Entrepreneur from the Koda IDP Settlement Gives a Helping Hand to the Vulnerable Families During the COVID-19 Crisis

As a result of warfare in August 2008 in Georgia, Inga Beruashvili left her house with her husband and 3 children and started a new life far away from her home

Preserving Georgian Folk Tradition Inherited from Ancestors, a Young Entrepreneur Produces Traditional Musical Instruments

A young entrepreneur, Giorgi Niparishvili from the Kaspi Municipality has been interested in Georgian craftsmanship of folk instruments since childhood.

Thinking to Bring her Parents from the Other Side of the Occupational Line, Salome Establishes own Succulent Business

Twenty-eight-year-old Salome Kardava, an internally displaced person (IDP) from the occupied territory of Abkhazia, lives with her husband and children in the city of Zugdidi.

Innovative Approach of the ENPARD Tetritskaro Beneficiary in Response to Covid-19 Challenge

Giorgi Avchaleli, 32, is from the village of Marabda of the Tetritskaro Municipality. Over the years, he and his father have successfully run a local agriculture machineries store.

Zuka and Luka – Children from Tetritskaro – were Handed over a Personal Computer as a Part of the Charity Initiative

If you have Already Donated for the School Students from the Tetritskaro Municipality, then Meet Luka and Zuka, who will be Involved in Remote School Lessons Thanks to you

RDFG beneficiary in Tetritskaro Donated her Paintings to Help Vulnerable Families During Covid-19

Ia Arsenishvili is a Georgian painter, her drawings are well-known among art lovers - she has been participating in local and international exhibitions for decades.

Giorgi Khuroshvili, Living Near the Occupational Border Line, Produces Unique Biscuits and Bread

Giorgi Khuroshvili is a young entrepreneur from the village of Khurvaleti, located in the Gori Municipality, about 150-200 meters away from the territory occupied by Russia.

Personal Development Training for Self-Realization

Irina Shavadze and Tamar Talakhadze have been involved in the EU-funded RDFG Employment Shuttle for more than 2 months.

‘The Most Important in Life is to Find Yourself and Decide What You Want to Create’ – Taji Budagov from the Village of Kosalari

20 years old Taji Budagov meets us on the road to the village of Kosalari of the Tetritskaro Municipality.

84 years old Shudira Papa’s implemented project and plans for future

Shudira Papa (papa means grandfather in Georgian), 84, meets us at the entrance of his yard in the village of Ardisubani of the Tetritskaro Municipality.

Rammed Earth Architecture for constructing a wine cellar – Alexander Distillery’s new step to success

Rammed Earth in Architecture is an unique structural building method of compressing a sandy mixture into a hard sandstone-like material, the analogue of which has never been used in Georgia.