Resource Mobilization for Vulnerable Communities

Resource Mobilization to support the crisis affected population

RDFG focuses on resource mobilization in crises such as warfare, emergencies caused by natural and manmade hazards, and pandemic. In the mentioned situations we raise different types of support, including mobilization of food and non-food items, financial resources, volunteers mobilization and support provision, etc. to help the vulnerable community members to cope with the crisis.

Fund-Raising Platform
At RDFG, we are working to alleviate rural poverty through various sustainable programs. Among other initiatives, we have our own donation platform that can be joined by other organizations within a crisis.
We build a coordinated multi-channel campaign and all the money donated is fully used to help the most vulnerable people. Notably, if donors has any kind of item, including clothes, smart gadgets, primary items, and food, they can donate them to the beneficiaries at any stage of the fund-raising campaign – RDFG ensures the delivery of such goods to the beneficiaries.
RDFG’s experience covers the provision of necessary items to the various geographical areas in different kinds of crisis situations, including within the post-conflict interventions. In the last decade, we had to cope with the appalling flood in the capital of our country, we have been working on the post-conflict recovery with the IDPs and people living near the boundary lines, we crashed into the COVID-19 pandemic and challenges caused by it.
One of the most successful donation campaigns implemented by the RDFG recently, in the cooperation with the Tetritskaro Local Action Group (LAG), was during the COVID-19 first outbreak in 2020. As a result of the state of emergency declared in the country because of the spread of the COVID-19, many people temporarily or permanently lost their jobs and were left without a source of income. Most of them had been the only breadwinners in the family. Among them were large families who were no longer able to support themselves and feed their children. Besides, many schoolchildren who did not have computers or smartphones were disconnected from the outside world and what was the most important, could not attend school lessons remotely. Considering all the mentioned above, RDFG raised funds to help these vulnerable families and mobilized money, food, and non-food items, also procured tens of personal computers to assist these people during the COVID-19.