Economic Growth

Fostering Rural/Regional Development

RDFG is a leading organization in Georgia that works with rural communities and foster rural/regional development with the involvement of government, rural population, and private sector. We continuously learn from our experience and 10 years of reliable, responsible, and successful project implementation.

RDFG promotes civic engagement in decision and policymaking. Based on the LEADER approach, RDFG initiates the establishment of local action groups (LAGs) that have own strategy for the local development. LEADER approach is based on the European experience and is centered around the idea that decisions related to rural development issues are made most effectively with the participation of local private, public, and civil sectors. The LEADER approach is based on seven core principles: Area-based local development strategies, bottom-up approach, public-private partnerships, innovation, integration, multi-sector actions, networking, and cooperation.

LAGs are based on the analysis of opportunities and challenges in the community identified the rural development priorities and elaborated balanced, cooperative, and inclusive local development strategy. Aligned local development strategy priorities, the local action group will lead a competitive selection and financing on the local development projects.

RDFG’s sustainable development goal is centered on quality education – one that defines the future of any human being, aiming to support communities in becoming economically independent, to develop sustainable livelihoods, and thus contribute to peaceful communities.

We believe that ensuring inclusive quality education leads to the empowerment of communities and contributes to the public welfare. While providing quality education, RDFG concentrates on equity and equality, modern teaching and learning methodologies, and service sustainability. We ensure the results-oriented approach, considering the relevance to the country’s labor market’s needs.

Supporting Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Development
Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are the engines of growth for such developing countries as Georgia. As human capacities are vital in such industries, we not only foster the establishment of such businesses but provide entrepreneurs with relevant skills, knowledge, and practical experience. We do understand that these include knowledge of public relations and marketing, finance management, and ways to optimize the value chains.
RDFG encourages youth and women to think of own MSMEs. We foster rural agriculture and tourism development, including guesthouses and entertainment facilities for local and foreign visitors. With the help of our expertise, hundreds of entrepreneurs have created own businesses and contributed to the public welfare by establishing job opportunities, attracted tourists, and produced high-quality goods that are sold out not only regionally, but locally, as well.
Market Systems and Value Chains Development
For creating an inclusive market system, RDFG supports agricultural businesses capabilities and ensures that the production meets the high-quality standards and that the service is fully market-oriented. RDFG fosters mutually beneficial relationships between all value chain actors – we train the rural farmers, give them new skills and knowledge to ensure the quality of the products and later, the high-grade handling of produced goods.
As Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) achieves food security, low-emissions development, and increased resilience, RDFG promotes CSA approach in rural communities, emphasizing that the production of bio goods is vital for reducing the harm from climate change and ensuring the provision of healthy food.
Startup Supports
Supporting startups is one of the core elements of the RDFG’s work – we promote an entrepreneurial mindset among youth and support the establishment of startups throughout the country. We help youth in creating their business plans, including financial strategies, and introduce them to the opportunities on how to get funded for their business ideas. Pitching the idea is a vital stage within the representing own business project, thus our trainers work with startupers in bootcamps before they pitch their ideas to any kind of grants selection committees, including the representatives of the rural development governmental programs, local private and international donor organizations.

Supporting Innovations/Technologies/Creative Industries
A lot has changed for MSMEs in the last few decades, most of it brought about by the improvements in technology. Nowadays people can use technology to develop and implement their enterprises and spread out information on their products/services to any geographical area. RDFG fosters the development of technological startups and entrepreneurial business ideas, giving young entrepreneurs access to digital opportunities and assisting them with relevant skills, and knowledge.
Supporting creative economics, including design, fashion, craftsmanship, photo-videography, music, movies, arts, e-platforms, etc. play a core role in the development of creative industries in our country. We encourage youth and adults to develop innovative and creative ideas and create businesses that offer unusual products or services.
RDFG also fosters the development of automatized agriculture, considering that in the era of modern technologies, only a little manual intervention is needed in the farming industry. Hence, we raise awareness among smallholder farmers on the innovative opportunities and convince them that the use of agricultural varieties of machinery and technologies will minimalize their interventions in concrete agri jobs and give them time for implementing additional activities.


Innovative Rural Infrastructure

Supporting rural communities might range from promoting the establishment of MSMEs to the provision of innovative rural infrastructure where necessary. RDFG assesses the realities in municipalities and with the active involvement of local communities, defines urgent needs for the development of rural infrastructure to make the environment more people friendly.

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is the possession of skills that allows entrepreneurs to make smart decisions with their money. Financial literacy helps individuals become self-sufficient and work further for their financial stability.

RDFG provides youth and adults with financial literacy, including budgeting, debts, and emergencies. Our goal is to teach financial literacy and assist entrepreneurs in developing a stronger understanding of basic financial concepts – that way, they can handle their money better and ensure the sustainability of their MSMEs.

Promoting Smart Villages

RDFG is a pioneer non-governmental organization in Georgia that started working for the promotion and development of smart villages in our country. Smart Villages is a new concept of rural development, these are the rural communities using modern and innovative methodologies in farming to improve their resilience. Farmers involved in smart village development, use digital technologies, and rely on a participatory approach to improve their income and become financially independent. Smart villagers offer rural services through digital and social innovation. By using innovative approaches, as a result, smart villages create more vibrant, sustainable, and attractive rural areas.
The Smart Village concept is also relevant for a wide range of EU and national policies for sustainable mobility, renewable energy, the bio and circular economy, social innovation, and others.