On international level, RDFG is a member of Farming First coalition ( Farming First is a coalition of multi-stakeholder organizations. The coalition exists to articulate, endorse and promote practical, actionable programmes and activities to further sustainable agricultural development worldwide. Farming First enjoys the support of 131 organizations representing the world’s farmers, scientists, engineers and industry as well as agricultural development organizations.

On national level, RDFG is a member of the Georgian Alliance on Agriculture and Rural Development (GAARD). GAARD is a local mechanism of civil society organizations (CSOs) seeking to influence agriculture, food security and nutrition policies and actions in Georgia. GAARD facilitates the broad and regular exchange of information, analysis and experience between CSOs and enables the development of common CSO positions where possible to communicate divergent positions where there is no consensus. These functions are performed through the facilitation of face to face meetings, trainings, consultations, reports and papers, and CSM working groups.