Success Stories Life Georgia

Iron workshop in Akhalsopeli

It’s been years since Kakha Gelashvili spent most of his time in his own iron workshop. His father taught him working on the iron when he was a little boy and since then this is what he does.

Car Service in Gori

If you’re in Gori and your car breaks down, don’t worry. You can go to Shindisi highway car service and get any kind of help there, from tire repair to car washes.

“BDC Academy” in Gori

Be a Different Candidate – this is the slogan of the successful training center, that has offered professional development and vocational educational trainings for more than 10 years

Sewing Salon in Gori

It’s been four months since sewing salon “Leader” opened in Gori. When you enter the salon, everybody greets you with a warm smile and you feel that they’re happy to work there.