About Us

Mission and Vision

Association Regional/Rural Development for Future Georgia(RDFG) works to improve the conditions of the most vulnerable people to prevent and alleviate human suffering, and protect and respect human dignity with complete impartiality and no discrimination. We envision a Georgia of resilient communities and liable government.

Organizational Priorities

  • Social-Economic Development – working with different groups of society to improve their social-economic conditions through vocational trainings, employment programs and social projects.
  • Peace Building – working with the conflict-affected people to promote peace, friendship and understanding to avoid social, national and religious conflicts. RDFG partners with national and international organizations to assist Internally Displaced People (IDPs) as they care for their families, build economic opportunity and create strong integrated communities.
  • Disaster Management/DRR – working with the local communities to increase their resilience to disasters caused by manmade and natural hazards, and promote the establishment of strategic and systematic disaster management approaches on regional and central levels of government.

Guiding Principles

  • Gender Mainstreaming – mainstream gender perspective in designing, planning and assessing interventions both at grassroots and legislative levels. RDFG’s gender-specific actions equally enable women and men, and boys and girls to participate in – and benefit from – development efforts.
  • Youth Engagement – engage youth in problem-solving and decision-making to build self-confidence and ownership over their communities’ future. RDFG projects are designed to give youth opportunities for education and skills that will empower them to be active citizens and promote their participation in civil life.
  • Advocacy – empower local communities to protect their rights and voice their needs and solutions to stakeholders, and local and central governments. RDFG applies a range of tools to increase opportunities for social capital and civil awareness.
  • Innovation – promote and encourage investment in innovative techniques that improve productivity and outcomes. RDFG supports innovation in capital investments, farming practices, community engagement methods and education techniques. RDFG also promotes innovative approaches of information management, public administration and crisis management.


Founded in 2010, RDFG is a development and relief nonprofit organization that assists vulnerable communities with social and economic development to strengthen their self-resilience.  RDFG also provides technical assistance to local governments to develop and adapt advanced management systems and methodologies.
RDFG engages these vulnerable communities to create equal access to services and opportunities, and promotes inclusion and responsiveness to the needs of underprivileged groups in the country. RDFG’s work encompasses issues such as human rights, environmental protection, gender equality, peace building and disaster risk reduction.

Policies and Procedures

RDFG’s policies and procedures are in accordance with INGO standards and practices, ensuring effective and transparent partnership with the international donor community. RDFG’s financial management system provides accurate, current and complete records of project revenues and expenditures. RDFG maintains documentation and records of funds received and expenditures incurred, and safeguards all assets purchased under the approved budgets and ensures that they are used solely for authorized purposes. All procurement is done in line with donors’ regulations.


RDFG partners include donor organizations, nonprofit international and local organizations/networks, governmental institutions and local self-governing structures, local households and targeted community members.

RDFG’s partnerships

  • mobilize recourses,
  • identify and contextualize internationally recognized approaches and modalities for replication in its programming,
  • facilitate knowledge generation and exchange with counterparts and research/educational institutions, and
  • organize study visits for beneficiaries to project sites and provide technical assistance to build the capacity of targeted population, government institutions and RDFG staff members.


UN Agencies
European Union
Governmental Institutions
International NGOs



On international level, RDFG is a member of Farming First coalition (www.farmingfirst.org). Farming First is a coalition of multi-stakeholder organizations. The coalition exists to articulate, endorse and promote practical, actionable programmes and activities to further sustainable agricultural development worldwide. Farming First enjoys the support of 131 organizations representing the world’s farmers, scientists, engineers and industry as well as agricultural development organizations.
On national level, RDFG is a member of the Georgian Alliance on Agriculture and Rural Development (GAARD). GAARD is a local mechanism of civil society organizations (CSOs) seeking to influence agriculture, food security and nutrition policies and actions in Georgia. GAARD facilitates the broad and regular exchange of information, analysis and experience between CSOs and enables the development of common CSO positions where possible to communicate divergent positions where there is no consensus. These functions are performed through the facilitation of face to face meetings, trainings, consultations, reports and papers, and CSM working groups. The guiding principle in the coming sections set out the overarching standards and guidelines formally governing GAARD’s activities.