RDFG DRR Center Continues Working on Emergency Plans with the Representatives of the Akhmeta and Tsalka Municipalities

June 2020 – Association Rural Development for Future Georgia’s (RDFG) Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Center continues working on emergency management plans in the USAID Zrda Project target municipalities – for this purpose, within this month, Shota Kublashvili, RDFG Emergency Management and Disaster Risk Reduction expert visited Akhmeta and Tsalka municipalities. The main purpose of the meetings was to assess the disaster risks for each municipality and to identify the 4 main risks.

Ioseb Karumashvili, the Mayor of the Akhmeta Municipality and other representatives of the City Hall attended the meeting in Akhmeta Municipality. As a result of the working process, 4 main risks were identified – drought, forest fires, strong winds/storms, and avalanches. Feokhar Paraskevov, Deputy Local Governor, was involved in the working process in Tsalka Municipality, as well. As a result of active involvement of the representatives of the City Hall, the following 4 main risks were identified: hail, drought, heavy rains, and strong winds/storms.

“At this stage, the risk assessment process has been accomplished in all 17 target municipalities of the project. Currently, we are working on the development of the emergency plans based on the mentioned identified risks. This process will be completed in the summer of 2020 and as a result, each municipality will be ready to manage the mentioned emergencies on their own”, – said Shota Kublashvili.

RDFG works through its Disaster Risk Disaster (DRR) Center to enhance the resilience of communities to disasters caused by manmade and natural hazards and promote the culture of prevention through provision of coordinated and systematic awareness-raising, capacity building and technical assistance in the field of DRR to communities, state and non-state actors at national and local levels.

USAID Zrda Activity is a five-year program designed to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth in target regions. As it is impossible to support the sustainable economic development without creating safe environment, the project consists of disaster risk reduction activities on the local level, elaborating municipal emergency management plans according to modern standards and implementing relevant methods at the level of instructions. Within the project, DRR activities are being implemented by the RDFG DRR Center.

Nina Kopaleishvili – RDFG Communications Officer

Shota Kublashvili – RDFG Emergency Management and Disaster Risk Reduction Expert