Visegrad countries’ Experience for the RDFG VET Programme (ToT)

On March 18-22, 2020, within the framework of the project V4 Rural Development Experience for Sustainable Growth, Visegrad Fund master trainer will conduct training for the RDFG team members, who will then teach the staff of local TVET institutions (approximately 25 teachers) working on training and retraining of the local population. The teachers who receive this specialized training will be more active in engaging their students, teaching them in-demand, locally relevant skills and helping to improve the perception of TVET in Georgia. The curriculum will be specifically focused on economic and environmental revival in rural areas – emphasizing lessons learned from V4 countries.

Vocational education is a valuable way to build marketable skills, supporting employment or entrepreneurship. In order to build the skills of the targeted beneficiaries and ensure that they become competitive at the job market, RDFG is providing following assistance programs:

– Carrier guidance and professional orientation;

– Financial support for the interested beneficiaries for short term VET programs in different public/private educational institutions;

– Providing of most demanding VET courses in the targeted municipality. This is done through the contracted VET educational institutions.

The goal of the project V4 Rural Development Experience for Sustainable Growth is to lift the conditions of the people of Tetritskaro using examples of V4 countries’ experiences of utilizing nature conservation to increase economic benefits from sustainable agriculture and tourism. This project is tied to and complements the existing project – Rural Development for Sustainable Growth in the Tetritskaro Municipality, funded by the European Union within the ENPARD Programme.

More about the project:

Nina Kopaleishvili – Communications Officer, RDFG

Nelly Revazishvili – Rural Development Project Manager, RDFG