RDFG signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Finka Bank

On July 17, 2019, Association Rural Development for Future Georgia (RDFG) signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Finca Bank. According to the document, both sides agree to actively cooperate in strengthening the vulnerable population teaching and employment opportunities. At the meeting, both sides emphasized that the development of non-formal education and employment programs are available only through the joint and effective efforts of employers from different sectors, including the private sector. From RDFG’s side, the memorandum was signed by Nina Kuparadze, RDFG human resources officer and from Finca Bank Lela Topuria, the head of the human resources department of the organization, signed the document.

Besides the memorandum, Finca Bank representatives conducted a training session for the RDFG Employment Shuttle participants and talked about the job and study opportunities that Finka Bank offers youth.

At the meeting, Irma Kortua, RDFG employment advisor explained the audience that RDFG Employment Shuttle, implemented under the scope of the EU ENPARD programme, is an innovative Spanish model:

“Corporative volunteering is one of the main components of the Employment shuttle. Within the programme, cooperation with such organizations as Finca Bank that has a great enthusiasm for corporative volunteering is the main guarantee of the Employment Shuttle success and the project participants’ employment”, – Irma Kortua, RDFG employment advisor.

“For Finca Bank it is very much important to give the employment opportunities especially to the groups living in regions. It is a priority for us to cooperate with such programs as the RDFG Employment Shuttle because it gives us a chance to discover motivated people. Furthermore, working in the bank will enable beneficiaries to gain huge knowledge and experience in a short time”, – Lela Topuria, head of the Finca Bank HR Department.

Based on the common interests, one of the main goals of the memorandum is to cooperate in order to help vulnerable people in the development of knowledge and skills needed for employment, also promote their effective integration into the labor market. Moreover, the two sides agree that they will cooperate to develop and implement joint corporative social responsibility strategy.