Association Rural Development for Future Georgia (RDFG) launches new project in Shida Kartli

„Association Rural Development for Future Georgia (RDFG), with the support of the EU, Save the Children and Children and Youth Development Fund, launches new innovative youth project “Innovation and Us”.

The project introduces a new model in the development of social entrepreneurship and creates innovative approach to address the challenges in youth employment field.

The project will help young people acquire knowledge and skills responding to the labor market needs and transform existing youth employment challenges into the opportunities. The project aims to support 14-29 years old internally displaced young people from Shida Kartli to develop entrepreneurial and employability skills and get employed.

In the framework of the project, 25 participants will be selected and trained in three the most in demand directions in labor market:

  • Web-design
  • Marketing
  • English language

Selected participants will also acquire skills such as: communications, presentation, time management, team work, planning etc.

During the project young participants will establish innovative social enterprise that will gather all social enterprises operating in Georgia and will serve as an e-commerce platform to help them sell their products in Georgia and abroad. 10 the most successful participants of the project will be offered employment or remunerated internship opportunities at the established social enterprise. In addition, they will prepare and organize three-day seminar/workshop on the above-mentioned topics for internally displaced young people from Koda IDP settlement in Kvemo Karlti and will share their knowledge with them.

The rest of the project participants will have the opportunity to get a consultation that will help them use their knowledge and skills to start their own businesses.

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