EU Ambassador Carl Hartzell’s visit to Tetritskaro Municipality

On Saturday, 5 November, EU Ambassador Carl Hartzell travelled to Kvemo Kartli to visit ENPARD Tetritskaro development project beneficiary implemented by RDFG in Tetritskaro municipality.

The Ambassador visited cheese factory “Tsintskaro plus”. The factory offers wide and unique variety of cheese to the consumers and the production and processing of the products are in line with European standards. The factory is one of the winners of the first grant competition announced by RDFG within the framework of ENPARD project and with this support it is planning to expend its product range.

Under the visit, EU Ambassador was shown the conditions, production technics, production process and standards and tried different varieties of cheese. The Ambassador emphasized that the high quality of the product gives the factory an opportunity to sell its products not only in local, but in European market too.

After the visit, the Ambassador joined the Europe Day celebration event in Marneuli, where several RDFG and ENPARD beneficiaries from Tetritskaro municipality presented EU-funded agricultural and rural development products: honey, different types of wine, chacha, whiskey, apple brandy (calvados); raspberry, etc. Moreover, the ENPARD tent was attended by the members of EU-supported Tetritskaro rural development project, Local Action Group (LAG), beneficiaries of RDFG employment programme and youth from the municipality’s young farmers’ centers set up by RDFG.