Young European Ambassadors and RDFG’s Young Farmers marked the harvest holiday in Asureti

In 2018 European Union celebrates the European Year of Cultural Heritage and Association Rural Development for Future Georgia (RDFG) joined the activities organized across Europe on this occasion. On 29 September, the members of RDFG’s Young Farmers centers and Young European Ambassadors, which is an initiative of the EU implemented by the EU NEIGHBOURS east project, joined efforts to mark Georgian traditional vintage festival in Asureti in Tetritskaro municipality.

Asureti, former “Elisabethtal”, was populated by German colonists and here you can still find gothic style church and German style buildings. Asureti has a unique German-Georgian red grape variety Asuretuli Shavi and this cultural mix encouraged the Young European Ambassadors to visit the village and celebrate the harvest holiday Rtveli with local farmers. The local farmers told them about the Georgian traditional vintage festival and introduced them to the wine grape picking and winemaking techniques. After the festival, the guests went to German district in Asureti and visited the main sights of the village.

“History of wine culture is tightly linked to the history of Georgian people and as a young person I feel obligated to continue this tradition of viticulture and winemaking. I’m happy that today we had an opportunity to meet local young people and take part in wine harvest together. We would love to strengthen the cooperation with RDFG’s young farmers centers and I hope we will organize many other interesting activities together with the EU support.” – said the member of Young European Ambassadors, Tsitsi Khachidze.

RDFG is currently implementing the EU-supported project on Tetritskaro development in the municipality under which the Young Farmers Centers have been founded. During the event Young Ambassadors and Young farmers had a chance to get to know each other better, exchange information and discuss the steps of their future cooperation.