With RDFG support Transcaucasian Doctors’ League organised charity action in Tetritskaro

On 8 September, on the initiative of Association Rural/Regional Development for Future Georgia (RDFG), in cooperation with Transcaucasian Doctors’ League and with the support of Tetritskaro municipality, free medical examinations and consultations were held for Tetritskaro residents at the regional healthcare centre.

The charity action was organised by Transcaucasian Doctors’ League. The aim of the event was to provide Tetritskaro population with free medical examinations and consultations. In the framework of the charity action, the leading doctors of the following specialties visited the municipality: allergist, gynaecologist, neurologist, gastroenterologist, angiologist, endocrinologist, radiologist. During the visit free spirometric and ultrasound examinations were also provided.

“Our organisation Transcaucasian Doctors’ League gathers the leading doctors throughout Georgia. We often organise free medical care programmes for the socially vulnerable families. Today, with the support of the Association Rural development for Future Georgia (RDFG), our physicians provided free medical examination to more than 200 patients. Such charity actions are crucial for the people living in rural areas to give them the opportunity to get free medical consultations from highly qualified doctors.”- stated the founder of Transcaucasian Doctors’ League, Baia Bezarashvili.

We would like to thank Family Clinic and Transcaucasian Doctors’ League for the fruitful cooperation.