Tetritskato Local Action Group hosted LAGs from Lithuania, Latvia and Moldova

Lithuanian, Latvian and Moldovan LAGs visited Tetritskaro Local Action Group within the framework of RDFG Rural Development Project, supported by the European Union. The event was organized by Tetritskaro and Kazbeli Local Action Groups and aimed to share experience and plan future cooperation with the guest LAGs.

Nelly Revazishvili, RDFG Rural Development Project manager says, that this kind of meetings are very important for new LAGs, because shared experience helps them in their future activities.

„In the frame of study visit in Lithuania, Tetritskaro LAG already had an opportunity to learn about the activities of Lithuanian LAGs on site. Now we hosted Lithuanian LAG representative together with Latvian and Moldovan LAG representatives. The meeting was very productive and interesting. The guests shared their experience about existing challenges”.

After the meeting host and guest LAG representatives discussed the opportunities of the future cooperation.

Tetritskaro LAG was established in August, 2017, within the framework of RDFG project “Rural Development for Sustainable Growth of Tetritskaro Municipality”. LAG and its board was formed with 107 members from civil, public and private sectors. After studying the needs of Tetritskaro municipality, LAG elaborated Local Development Strategy and made grant announcement. Grant winners will be selected based on the strategic priorities, defined in the Local Development Strategy. Winners from Tetritskato population will have an opportunity to implement their ideas and contribute to the local development.

RDFG implements “Rural Development for Sustainable Growth of Tetritskaro Municipality” in the framework of the second phase of ENPARD that is based on LEADER model – a European approach to rural development. Fundamentally, it is the energy and resources of the local people that contribute to the rural development process by forming partnerships at a sub-regional level between the public, private and civil sectors. The LEADER approach is associated with local empowerment through local strategy development and resource allocation. The main tool for the application of the LEADER approach to area development and involving local representatives in decision-making is Local Action Group (LAG).

RDFG carries out the project in partnership with Agro-Technology Association (ATA), Lithuanian Local Action Groups Network and the Ministry of Agriculture of Lithuania.