Trainings for parents and teachers of Young Farmers Centers’ students within the framework of EDKK project

RDFG started trainings for parents and teachers of YFC students within the framework of EDKK project. The trainings aim to give its participants complete information about Young Farmer Centers and encourage them to support and assist children’s involvement in YFCs.

“With this initiative we would like to support the sustainability of the centers. The project will finish but YFCs will continue existing independently. Besides, working with the children, it’s important to inform their parents, so that they know where their children spend time after classes, what is Young Farmers Center, what’s our aim and what topics we cover. The school administration is one of the most important part involved in this process, because it would be very difficult to implement everything without their support. On behalf of my organization and team, I would like to thank the school administrations for their cooperation” – mentioned Nino Barakadze, The manager of EDKK project.

The Young Famers Centers (YFC) is an approach of RDFG, that bring together school children from rural communities to demonstrate the benefits of modern agriculture as a source of livelihood security in their local communities and an alternative to migration to urban areas.

The above-mentioned trainings are led by Rusudan Tevzadze, the expert of education and social sciences. She speaks about the uniqueness of this approach. “I worked for the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia for years, but we didn’t have this kind of practice. This is an efficient methodology oriented on the consequences and sustainability. I’m sure, that working with children, their parents and teachers will help us achieve the goals of YFCs. I would like to thank RDFG, for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this approach” – Said Rusudan Tevzadze.

EDKK project (Economic Development through Agricultural Assistance for IDP Farmers in Kvemo Kartli and Kakheti regions) is funded by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and supported by World Vision Germany.