Sagarejo YFC students visited young bio farmer

Within the framework of “Look and Learn” campaign, Nodar Latibashvili, young bio farmer hosted the children of Sagarejo Young Farmers Center. Nodar lives in straw bale house near Sagarejo. During the visit, YFC students had an opportunity to learn about the benefits of straw bale eco house.

Straw remains after harvesting different cereals and It’s a good material to build eco and energy-efficient building without any need of professional builder. Besides introducing his straw bale house, Nodar Latibashvili presented his farm and explained the benefits of rural life. Children learned about the mulch and its practical use. Besides, they planted almond-trees with the host.

“The Children were very happy about the visit. Besides new information, they gained practical experience, that is more important for them. Lots of them discovered, that agriculture is more interesting than they’ve ever imagined. That’s exactly what Young Farmers Centers are for, to demonstrate the benefits of modern agriculture and rural life to the children” – mentioned Baiko Poilarashvili, EDKK project member.

Sagarejo YFC children expressed a desire to help Nodar in his future agricultural activities.

One of the main objectives of the project Economic Development through Agricultural Assistance for IDP Farmers in Kvemo Kartli and Kakheti regions (EDKK) is to encourage young people to get involved in agro-entrepreneurship and community development. To fulfil this aim, Young Farmers Centers (YFCs) were created to teach young people leadership skills, new farming techniques and community engagement in order to cultivate future farmers and active citizens. YFCs bring together local and IDP students.

EDKK project is funded by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and supported by World Vision Germany.