New project of RDFG for people with disabilities

RDFG started new project with the financial support of Gori municipality city hall. Project lasts for 2 months and aims to teach blind people adaptive computer programs. As a result, 10 participants will have access to information and chance to get employed in the future.

The sessions take place in BDC Academy two times a week. The trainer is Davit Gurgenidze, who is also visually impaired. He learned adaptive computer programs in Tbilisi years ago and since then, David tries to share his knowledge to others.

“When I heard about this course, I got interested and decided to try but never thought that someday I would become a trainer. This program gave me opportunities and helped me in self-actualization. I decided to share my experience to others and I’m so happy that this project gives me a chance to improve other people’s lives”.

Davit says, that this is the first time when people with disabilities got involved so actively in this kind of project. He thinks, that the reason is good project planning. Transportation is included and there are volunteers, who help participants if necessary.

“I’m so happy to have a chance to contribute in this amazing project. Participants are so positive and hopeful. Their enthusiasm convinces me that there are no disabilities and barriers” – says Aleksandra, one of the volunteers, who was a successful participant of Employment Shuttle program.

Besides employment, project helps participants in socialization. They became friends with each other and these meetings help them to spend time pleasingly together.

RDFG thanks to BDC Academy Gori branch and project volunteers, Teona Shatakishvili and Aleksandra Margishvili.