International day for Disaster Risk Reduction

On 13th of October, State Security and Crisis Management Council organized the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) at Underwheel event center. RDFG participated in the event with different international organizations working on this field. The participants introduced their materials, produced through DRR projects. Also, there was photo and video exhibition.

Vano Grigolashvili, the chairman of Association Rural Development for Future Georgia addressed the participants and guests of the event and spoke about DRR projects implemented by RDFG,

Our DRR centers volunteers were also involved in the event. They introduced DRR activities of RDFG to the guests. Besides, they made a simulation performance, to show how to prevent injuries during the hurricane.

Disaster Risk Reduction and strengthening of emergency management systems is one of the organizational priorities of RDFG. Therefore, in 2011 RDFG created DRR Centers, where more than 2000 young people learned how to respond to disaster situations. In DRR centers, people also learn how to raise awareness about the risks of local communities and participate in advocacy of civil security. On the educational level, DRR center is actively involved to integrate Disaster Risk Deduction issues in curriculum. The specialists of the center give technical assistance to the governmental structures on local and central level and for the community level, DRR center introduces the model of rescue teams set up by the community volunteers.