Open door event of Employment Shuttle through ENPARD project

Open door Event of RDFG Employment shuttle was held in Tetritskaro.

At the beginning of the event, Mrs. Lela Maisuradze, Project advisor spoke about the program methodology and its previous achievements. Applicants had a chance to receive answers on their questions and also register on the program.

As Lela mentioned, 70% of participants from previous phases got employed and others continued their studies with new motivation.

RDFG implements this employment program in different regions of Georgia since 2015. Employment Shuttle is a program that brings together a group of 20 proactive and motivated unemployed people who, with the help of a coach, work as a team to encourage the labor inclusion of all members of the team. Employment Shuttle promotes social and labor inclusion of unemployed Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and host communities in Georgia, guides their career, and promotes the acquirement and development of necessary skills to foster their employability.

The Employment Shuttle methodology was originally launched by ACF (Action Against Hunger). Marcela Maxfield, the regional director of ACF attended the open door event and invoked attendees to participate in this program.

“Participants of the program will spend 5 months together and this time will be full of productive information and positive experience. I urge you to get involved in this program, because it will help you to develop the skills, that are important on labor market nowadays”.

The community of Tetritskaro got very interested about the program. Most of the attendees of the event registered after the event was finished.

Registration process continues. Everyone, who lives in Tetritskaro and wants to participate in the Employment Shuttle program can phone on the following number – 577 90 39 54.

Currently, 5th phase of the Employment Shuttle starts through the ongoing project “Rural Development for Sustainable Growth in the Tetritskaro Municipality”.  Besides this one, there will be 5 more phases during this project. Program includes two interventions: Short (two days) training for job seekers and five months innovative program.

RDFG implements “Rural Development for Sustainable Growth of Tetritskaro Municipality” in the framework of the second phase of European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development – ENPARD.

ENPARD II uses a LEADER approach to economic development. Fundamentally, it is the energy and resources of the local people that contribute to the rural development process by forming partnerships at a sub-regional level between the public, private and civil sectors. The LEADER approach is associated with local empowerment through local strategy development and resource allocation. The main tool for the application of the LEADER approach to area development and involving local representatives in decision-making is the Local Action Group (LAG).

The project partners are Agro-Technology Association (ATA), Lithuanian Local Action Groups Network and the Ministry of Agriculture of Lithuania.