Volunteers joined RDFG

Through EDKK Project Young Farmer Centers have new volunteers who help centers’ members to plan and organize different activities. Each YFC (Koda, Tsintskato, Shaumiani, Sagarejo, Dmanisi) has one volunteer. Ladies have good experience in organizing voluntary activities and implementing community projects. The first meeting with YFC members was about sharing these experience that was a great inspiration and motivation for the children. Most importantly, these ladies are examples for the children, how voluntary service can lead to lots of important changes in a community and environment.

RDFG wishes all the best to our volunteers Leila Daraselia, Nazi Poilarashvili, Lili Devlakhashvili, Tamar Ansiani and Ana Machitadze.

One of the main objectives of the project Economic Development through Agricultural Assistance for IDP Farmers in Kvemo Kartli and Kakheti regions (EDKK) is to encourage young people to get involved in agro-entrepreneurship and community development. To fulfil this aim, Young Farmers Centers (YFCs) were created to teach young people leadership skills, new farming techniques and community engagement in order to cultivate future farmers and active citizens.  YFCs bring together local and IDP students. EDKK project is funded by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and supported by World Vision Germany.