Tatiel Zivzivadze conducted a training for Employment Shuttle participants

On july 7th, the founder of Kar.ge movement Tariel Zivzivadze visited “Employment Shuttle, Gori” project and conducted a training. The topic of the session was branding and personal brand creation.

The process was interactive and very interesting for the participants.

“Meeting with Mr. Tariel was very great. We learned lots of efficient and interesting things, that will help us in our future achievements and employment – mentioned one on the participants.

Tariel Zivzivadze cooperates with RDFG for several years and shares his experience and knowledge to Employment Shuttle participants as a corporate volunteer.

The fourth phase of Employment Shuttle is financed by the municipality of Gori. Five months program helps participants to develop employment skills and search for employment opportunities. 8 participants out of 20 has already got employed.