First harvest of EDKK beneficiary farmers

RDFG beneficiary farmers participated in the festive occasion “Sabaoba 2017” that took place in village Tandzia. Young farmers presented raspberry, that was first harvested product from demonstration plot created through the EDKK project.

Besides the exhibition of wine and agricultural products, there were cultural, sportive and cognitive activities during the day. Head of Bolnisi municipality Davit Sherazadishvili and Kvemo Kartli governor Grigol Nemsadze with his deputies attended the event.

The demonstration plot, that was created in Bolnisi in Autumn, 2016 is equipped with drip irrigation system. At the beginning Farmers received raspberry seeds and plant care products. Trough RDFG farmer field schools (FFS) farmers got regular consultations and therefore they first crop of raspberry has been received.

One of the objectives of EDKK project is to improve livelihoods of local and IDP farmers. Except Bolnisi, RDFG created demo plots in Sagarejo, Dmanisi, Koda, Tsintskaro and Shaumiani. EDKK Project is funded by the Federal Ministry for the Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and is implemented with the support of World Vision Germany.