Young Farmers centers’ students on “Innovation Camp”

Students of Koda, Shaumiani, Sagarejo and Tsintskaro Young Farmers Centers participated in “Innovation Camp” organized by Junior Achievement Georgia. Participants had to create innovative product or service, that would improve economic and employment environment in rural areas. The winning team included Sagarejo YFC members: Ana Guledani, Nato Mezvrishvili and Tornike Berdzenishvili.

The task for the participant was to write business plan in the limited time and make short presentation about it. Finally, among 8 teams, judges revealed the winner. Among the jury, mentors and experts there were RDFG representatives as well.

Every participant of the “Innovation Camp” were awarded with certificates, including YFC members: Tatia Vakhtangishvili, Tamar Meladze, Maka Alikhanashvili, Eter Iluridze, Tamar Okropiridze, Milena Terelashvili, Ketevan Okropiridze, Tamar Ratiani, Nika Zurabiani, Salome Khimshiashvili, Lika Chiaberashvili and Davit Kandiashvili.

Young farmers centers, established in Kvemo Kartli and Kaketi schools with RDFG support, help young people to develop leadership skills, learn innovative farming techniques and entrepreneurship.