One more guest at Employment Shuttle

Tamar Klibadze, Human Resources Manager of Betsson Group, was the latest corporate volunteer to speak with participants of the Employment Shuttle project.  Throughout her presentation, Tamar spoke about employment searching techniques, employer expectations, job interview skills, and networking.  The Employment Shuttle participants learned about employment criteria and priorities, and received useful advice.

“These sessions are very important for the Employment Shuttle participants because they receive significant information about employment, and gain useful skills. Mrs. Tamar and other corporate volunteers are participating in the program for free, just because of their social responsibility, which is very welcoming and is a huge motivation for job seekers” – said Lela Maisuradze, Employment Shuttle Project Manager.

This fourth phase of Employment Shuttle is implemented by RDFG, with financial support with the Gori Municipality.  Testing period of the program was carried out with financial support of EU in the framework of LIFE GEORGIA project. The program is built on Spanish model titled Vives Emplea, that was first piloted in Georgia by Action Against Hunger.