Planting Trees at Shaumiani #2 Public School

A healthy school environment isn’t limited to classrooms – it also includes a welcoming outdoor space that encourages learning, sports, and community.  A group of students at Shaumiani #2 Public School are planning to create a welcoming green space in their school yard, and are working with RDFG to make it happen.

10th graders Nodar and Dato, and 8th grader Gocha are members of the Shaumiani Young Farmers Center (YFC).  Together with their peer friends they are working on a project to plant around 50 trees and bushes in their nearly bare school yard. The YFC, in  addition to teaching students the complete farming cycle and new practices, teaches leadership and active citizenship by giving possibility to implement community development micro-projects through EDKK project. Creating the green space in school yard is one of the such projects, which was chosen to be granted by RDFG within the competition of supporting community initiatives for YFC member pupils. The school administration donated the land plot for this project, giving the students an excellent opportunity to implement their idea and create a better future for their peers.

On a recent visit to Shaumiani #2, the students met with Agro Expert Laly Goginava to learn how to proceed. Laly and YFC Mentor Elene Shoshitashvili spent nearly an hour talking with Nodar, Dato, and Gocha about which tree varieties would be best, when and where they should be planted, and what they would cost. Laly was so impressed with the students’ plan and enthusiasm that she offered to continue to advise them and help them find the best price for their supplies.