Agro Expert Teaches Shaumiani Young Farmers Center

Agro Expert Laly Goginava joined RDFG for a meeting of the Young Farmers Center (YFC) in the village Shaumiani to teach innovative farming techniques for berries and fruit trees.  Several dozens of high school students attended the meeting and participated in the training exercises.

“This was a wonderful chance for Shaumiani students to learn from one of the best in her field,” said Tea Mkheidze, EDKK Liaison Officer. “Laly is a highly respected expert and has trained farmers around the country.  The students were very interested in the practical information she shared and much appreciated her support of their center”

The YFCs aim to teach students the complete farming cycle and new practices. For this purpose, demonstration plots will be arranged on the land plots donated by the schools, which will give students excellent opportunity to get involved in the agricultural process practically.

Shaumiani, predominantly populated by ethnical Armenians, hosts a population of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) from the conflict affected zones in Georgia. The YFC brings together students from both groups, breaking down social boundaries and giving them an opportunity work together to improve their community.  By participating in YFC, students learn more than an agricultural livelihood – they learn about broader skills such as proper preparation, collaboration, long-term planning, family budget management, business development, including business planning and marketing.

This was the second YFC training by Laly, which will soon be completed in all five YFCs in Kvemo Kartli and Kakheti regions.