“Employment Shuttle Gori” Celebrates Another Successful Program

The latest RDFG Employment Shuttle program concluded with a celebration on February 25th. This five-month project was financed by the Municipality of Gori, and provided participants with necessary employment skills and experience.  Eleven of the 20 participants started new jobs and, and nine others will continue developing and searching for employment opportunities.

The Employment Shuttle participants emphasized that the program made them more self-confident and raised their self-esteem and motivation. “The project exceeded our expectations”, “It would be great if the program was available across the country and open for more people” – said some participants at the project closing ceremony.

The RDFG Chairman Vano Grigolashvili revealed good information about the continuation of the project.

“As three phases of the program were very successful, several municipalities have showed their interest towards the project. The Employment Shuttle will continue in Gori and will be a key component in another RDFG project ‘Rural development for sustainable growth of Tetritskaro municipality’ that is implemented through ENPARD.  Subsequently, more than 150 people will develop their employment skills, plan careers and start new jobs,” remarked Grigolashvili.

At the end of the closing ceremony, Gori Mayor Zurab Jirkvelishvili, Grigolashvili, and Employment Shuttle Program Manager Lela Maisuradze awarded certificates to the participants.

The initial Employment Shuttle program in Gori was carried out with financial support of EU in the framework of the LIFE Georgia Project. The program is built on Spanish model titled Vives Emplea, that was first piloted in Georgia. Within the framework of above mentioned project, the program was adapted and introduced under the leadership of ACF and RDFG’s implementation.