Another LDSK Success Story

Married and happy in Eredvi, Ia and Badri had a comfortable home for their five children, and a large tomato harvest on five hectares of land.  Living only three kilometers from the bazaar they easily sold their tomatoes.  That all changed with the war in 2008.

Now settled in Teliani, having welcomed their youngest son in 2010, Ia and Badri are working their way to another successful agricultural business.  In the past few years, they installed a fish farm, a pig pen, a garden and a greenhouse on their small property.  They grew herbs and cucumbers and – of course – tomatoes.  But since Ia and Badri both had grown up in the agricultural field and had a successful business in Eredvi, knew that they had the skills and ambition to do more.  When they learned about the Livelihood Development for Shida Kartli IDPs (LDSK) program at their community center, they took advantage of the program to help them achieve their larger vision.

Thanks to the grant from LDSK, they are in the process of building a second greenhouse so they can grow herbs and tomatoes simultaneously, bringing in nearly 3,000 GEL a year.  They plan to reinvest that money into a tomato crop on a large parcel of land they recently purchased.  Fortunately, Badri was able to flee Eredvi with his tractor so – with the purchase of a single greenhouse – they are equipped to cultivate their future harvests and their family’s long-term success.  Now they can raise their children with a real potential for a better future, a steady income, and a sense of reclaiming the livelihood that was taken from them in 2008.

The projects are implemented by RDFG with financial support from the Ministry of IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia. Technical support of the projects is provided by the IDP Livelihood Agency.  The project ran from June 2016 to November 30, 2016.