Cultivating a Better Future

Archil lives in a small settlement home in Shavshavebi with his wife and five children who range from six to 15 years-old.  Back in his home village of Kheiti, Archil was a successful farmer, with land to grow vegetables, fruit and potatoes as well as raise pigs.  Now they have a small house and small yard, but he still dreams big.

After settling in his new home, Archil knew that he had the skills to resume his farming life, but needed some additional help to put his livelihood plans into motion.  When he learned about the Livelihood Development for Shida Kartli IDPs (LDSK) program from RDFG staff in the local settlement center, he saw his opportunity. Archil successfully completed the business training program, wrote his business plan, and was one of the participants selected to receive an equipment grant.  Through LDSK, Archil was granted a mini-tractor which cost 1,300 GEL.

When spring comes, Archil will use his mini-tractor to plant and harvest corn, beans and potatoes. He and his 12-year-old son also plan to charge his neighbors a small fee to till the neighbors’ fields, making a little more money while helping others be self-sufficient.

Archil encourages his children to work hard in school and find their own paths to success.  He hopes that by demonstrating his entrepreneurial skills, he shows his children how to be independent, ambitious and innovative. Archil laughed when asked how his family will use the monthly 500 GEL he expects to make come harvest season. “With five growing children in school,” he said, “there’s always a new bill to pay.”

The projects are implemented by RDFG with financial support from the Ministry of IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia. Technical support of the projects is provided by the IDP Livelihood Agency.  The project ran from June 2016 to November 30, 2016.