RDFG Livelihood Awards in Shida Kartli

RDFG has awarded funding to 30 beneficiaries from Shida Kartli region to start new agricultural and self-employment initiatives.  The recipients were selected from dozens of participants who completed the Livelihood Development for Shida Kartli IDPs project, a comprehensive business training program.

The livelihood projects include business start-ups such as quail farming; growing and selling berries and vegetables; producing and selling handicraft goods; sewing salon; and household renovation and repair services.  Existing business that will receive support to grow their companies include beekeeping and honey sales, and automotive repair.  RDFG is also purchasing farm equipment for several beneficiaries to begin plowing their own lands.

The goal of the Livelihood Development for Shida Kartli IDPs project is to reduce poverty in the region and create economic opportunities for IDPs.  When the project began in June, more than 50 beneficiaries learned the basics of project management in agricultural and self-employment businesses, and how to draft a business plan.  Of those, 35 were selected by an independent consultant to present their plans; the 30 finalists were chosen from that group.

The Project is implemented by RDFG with financial support from the Ministry of IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia. Technical support of the project is provided by the IDP Livelihood Agency.