Participants of LIFE GEORGIA project were granted with Agricultural equipment

Agricultural equipment was granted to small and medium scale business within the framework of RDFG project Livelihood Initiatives to Foster Employability and Entrepreneurship of IDPs and host populations in Georgia – LIFE Georgia.

Among Shida Kartli region 2 small and 5 medium business initiatives were rewarded with 14 units of equipment.  The equipment was handed over by the chairman of Association Vano Grigolashvili.

One of the main components of LIFE GEORGIA project is to foster small and medium entrepreneurship of local population, that means financing business initiatives. Association has already selected 71 businesses, in which there are 59 small and 12 medium scale business initiatives.  People with disabilities are involved in 8 of those businesses.  Among selected business initiatives there are agricultural equipment service, beauty and sewing salons, bakeries, mills, furniture production, jewelery salon, veterinary service, VET and etc.

LIFE GEORGIA project is carried out in 6 municipalities of 2 Georgian regions (Shida Kartli and Samegrelo) by consortium of organizations under the leadership of ACF. project is financially supported by EU.