Employment program named “Employment Shuttle” continues

Association Rural Development for Future Georgia (RDFG) begins an employment program in September with the support and finance of municipality of Gori. Program will be implemented in the municipality of Gori and promote local population to acquire and develop necessary skills and become employed.

Testing period of  “Employment Shuttle” was carried out with financial support of EU in the framework of  LIFE GEORGIA project. The program is built on Spanish model titled Vives Emplea, that was first piloted in Georgia. Within the framework of above mentioned project, program was adapted and introduced under the leadership of ACF and RDFG’s implementation.

After the piloting of the employment program 70% of program participants became employed and 25% continued studying. Based on annual results of above mentioned pilot and population interest to participate, on the basis of RDFG project proposal municipality of Gori decided to finance the replication of this approach.  From September 2016 project will be implemented by the RDFG. Therefore, 20 more beneficiars will have an opportunity to participate in the program and acquire necessary skills and become employed.