RDFG Team Visited Employees Hired by the “Black Sea Group”

As a result of cooperation with RDFG, a lot of success stories are created. Our beneficiaries employeed by the “Black Sea Group” are examples of that success. Association “RDFG” chairman Vano Grigolashvili with his team visited them for this time on their new workplace at “Black Sea Group” Gomi Production Base. The meeting was hold with the Agara-Gomi underconstruction highway improvement project manager Nabil Shmaysan and three new employees of the ”Black Sea Group,” who were recommended from “RDFG” to be hired and who were chosen within the framework of the program “Employment Shuttle”. “RDFG” better acquainted with the company’s base and discussed current projects and future mutual cooperation or partnership forms. Since 2015 August “RDFG” has been implementing Gori employment program “Employment Shuttle” in Gori within the framework of the project “Livelihood Initiatives to Foster Employability and Entrepreneurship of IDPs and host populations in Georgia – LIFE Georgia”, which represents a project known as VIVES project – a conceptualy innovative model implemented by the “ACF”. It should be noted that in March 2016 already the second stream of participants involved with enthusiasm in the program.

After two-week involvement in the “RDFG” project, a life has changed of the young English language and literature teacher Lia Demurishvili from Gori who was unemployed for the last two years; she was hired as a translator by the ”Black Sea Group.” The twenty-four-year-old engineer Beka from Gori, who was also desperately looking for a job for more than two years has been employed as a warehouse operator by the same company. He believes that “RDFG” helped him in employment and development, also to make friends. Lia considers that she spent her best professional development moments with RDFG. In her opinion, “Employment Shuttle” is an innovation-oriented significant program, where teamwork and warm atmosphere is on the first place. Twenty-three-year-old Alexander from Akhalsopeli (Kareli district) is satisfied with his first obtained job at “Black Sea Group” with the assistance of RDFG and he states: “I am very happy that I found a job so soon with such good conditions and close to my house.”

Association ”Rural Development for Future Georgia” thanked the Black Sea Group for selecting candidates from the program “Employment Shuttle” for employment in their company. RDFG still continues providing ’’Black Sea Group” with information about desirable candidates and RDFG will promote their employment in large companies for the project long-term and efficiency. “RDFG” is ready to enter into cooperation with the interested stakeholders in employing and supporting entrepreneurship to Georgia’s internally displaced people and the local population, also, to create jointly livelihoods through employment for target groups.


One of the successful RDFG beneficiaries employed by the “Black Sea Group.”

The EU funded project “Livelihood Initiatives to Foster Employability and Entrepreneurship of IDPs and Host Populations in Georgia – LIFE Georgia” is being implemented by the consortium of organizations, led by “ACF” (“Action Against Hunger”) in two regions of Georgia (Shida Kartli and Samegrelo). The project in Shida Kartli is being implemented by the association “Rural Development for Future Georgia” (RDFG). The overall objective of the project is to contribute to poverty reduction among conflict affected/displaced people and their host communities in Georgia by facilitating their socio-economic integration and inclusive participation in broader economic development processes.