RDFG is Still Assisting the Best Business Idea Authors

Association ’’Rural Development for Future Georgia” this time again handed over necessary equipment to the small and medium business best idea authors in Shida Kartli with the financial support of the European Union project “LIFE GEORGIA.”

The project “Livelihood Initiatives to Foster Employability and Entrepreneurship of IDPs and Host Populations in Georgia – Life Georgia” under  the guidance of the “ACF” (“Action Against Hunger”) has been implemented by the NGO consortium with the EU financial assistance in two regions of Georgia (Shida Kartli and Samegrelo). RDFG has been accomplishing the above-mentioned project in three municipalities of Shida Kartli (Gori, Kaspi, Kareli). The project purpose is social-economic integration of IDPs or local population and support for creating long-term livelihood opportunities. The project began on January 1, 2015 and will last until 30th of September, 2016.

The project beneficiaries are internally displaced and local women, men and young people, including those with disabilities. It should be noted that the Association “Rural Development for Future Georgia” within the framework of
the project first stage has already handed over to fourteen small and six medium business beneficiaries many types of appliances and initial inventory, such as distribution-transportation vehicles, sewing machines, industrial steam irons, car wash installations, well drilling equipment, bakery and joinery facilities, mills and other.