Youth Development Initiative Group Meeting Report

On 27th of October 2012, within the frames of the project – “Economic Development for IDPs in Mtsketa Mtianeti region” – Youth Development Initiative Group visit was organized. Youth Development Initiative Group members from Tserovani, Bazaleti, Dusheti, Saguramo and Prezeti visited Kaspi Farmer’s Center, in order to provide visual practice of the new ways of farming, by introducing of new technologies.

At the beginning of the visit, CEO Mr. Grigolashvili welcomed youth and briefed about the EDMM project and the importance of the knowledge on modern agricultural methodologies.

The representatives of Kaspi Farmer’s Center informed the YDIG members about the Farmer’s Center and its activities. Youth had an opportunity to see modern agricultural technologies and techniques. It should be mentioned that they were trained on Modern Agricultural Technologies and Techniques within the frames of EDMM project. The consultants of the Center informed youth about the purpose of the different European standard technologies and its importance for the agricultural production. Youth expressed great interest and gave questions to the representatives of FC.

As an introductory part of the YDIG event, in order to make the positive connections between youth from different communities, second part took place in Gori/Goristsikhe.

CEO Mr. Grigolashvili continued informing youth about the project and the importance of the youth involvement in the project activities. The youth showed great interest about the small project ideas for each community, where they’ll have a chance to be involved in project implementation (i.e. volunteer projects to better the community, such as rehabilitation or clean-up activities).