Success Stories

Georgian Travel Guide – a Group of Young Travelers Working to Raise Awareness About Georgian Tourist Attractions

Tetritskaro municipality is located in the Kvemo Kartli region, in eastern Georgia. The place is distinguished by beautiful nature and a multitude of centuries-old cultural monuments

Adventure Rope Park in the town of Manglisi – an Attraction Distinguished with its Diversity and Location Near the Capital City

Algeti National Park, located in the small town of Manglisi known as a medical and recreational resort, is scattered 60 km away from Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia.

A Young Woman Entrepreneur Living in the Adigeni Municipality is the Only One in the Community Providing Sewing Services

Nazi Antadze, a 20-year-old woman tells us how she became the winner of the RDFG’s Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Program and what are the plans of her small enterprise.

20-Year-Old Tazo Mtsuravishvili is Expanding the Workshop of Iron Engraved Goods

Tazo Mtsuravishvili, 20, is from the Kaspi Municipality. A young entrepreneur currently is a student, studying at the faculty of Transport Mechanical Engineering at the Georgian Technical University.