What We Do

Association Regional/Rural Development for Future Georgia (RDFG) is a development and relief nonprofit organization established in 2010 with the purpose to assist vulnerable communities in social and economic development and strengthen their self-resilience, as well as, provide technical assistance to local governments in development and adaptation of advanced management systems and methodologies. RDFG works on cross-cutting issues such as human rights, environmental protection, gender equality, youth engagement, innovation, and advocacy. RDFG works with different vulnerable societal groups to ensure equal access to different services and opportunities, and promote inclusion and responsiveness to the needs of underprivileged groups in the country. Use the “What We Do” drop-down menu to learn about specific RDFG projects.

Disaster Management/DRR

One of the greatest sources of vulnerability in Georgia is the high risk of natural and manmade disasters that also threaten the overall development of the country. Due to its geographic location and complex natural setting, Georgia is a highly disaster-prone country. The overall objective of RDFG’s Disaster Risk Reduction work is to contribute to the increased resilience and reduced vulnerability of children and communities in areas prone to natural hazards.  In addition to general DRR education and training, RDFG organizes and supports DRR Youth Clubs that participate in national disaster preparedness activities in their schools and communities.
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Peace Building

The Georgian people have demonstrated their strength and resilience through Soviet occupation, and military conflicts. Through it all, Georgians came together to support each other but we need to take steps to avoid internal conflicts.  The overall objective of RDFG’s Peace Building projects is to work with conflict-affected people to promote peace, friendship and understanding to avoid social, national and religious conflicts. RDFG partners with national and international organizations to assist Internally Displaced People (IDPs) as they care for their families, build economic opportunity, and create strong integrated communities.
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Social-Economic Development

Georgia’s future social and economic success is based on improving employment opportunities, investing in small businesses development in rural areas, incorporating technological innovation, and encouraging women and young entrepreneurs.  The overall objective of RDFG’s Social-Economic Development effort is to work with different groups of society to improve their social-economic conditions through vocational trainings, employment programs and social projects.
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