Guiding Principles

  • Gender Mainstreaming – mainstream gender perspective in designing, planning and assessing interventions both at grassroots and legislative levels. RDFG’s gender-specific actions equally enable women and men, and boys and girls, to participate in – and benefit from – development efforts.
  • Youth Engagement – engage youth in problem-solving and decision-making to build self-confidence and ownership over their communities’ future. RDFG projects are designed to give youth opportunities for education and skills that will empower them to be active citizens and promote their participation in civil life.
  • Advocacy – empower local communities to protect their rights and voice their needs and solutions to stakeholders, and local and central governments. RDFG applies a range of tools to increase opportunities for social capital and civil awareness.
  • Innovation – promote and encourage investment in innovative techniques that improve productivity and outcomes. RDFG supports innovation in capital investments, farming practices, community engagement methods and education techniques. RDFG also promotes innovative approaches of information management, public administration and crisis management.